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Just 30 minutes east of Cork City you will find the picturesque harbour town of Cobh. Once known as Queenstown, after Queen Victoria’s visit in 1849, Cobh is a hidden gem, situated on the south coast of Ireland in Cork Harbour, the world’s second-largest natural harbour! Steeped in rich history, Cobh was the departure point for over 2 million of the six million Irish people who emigrated to North America between 1848 and 1950 and was the last port of call for Titanic. Our pretty heritage town is built on a steep hill, creating superb panoramic vistas of the harbour and surrounding areas. The architecture is distinctively Victorian throughout Cobh, and the town itself boasts various tourist attractions for all the family to enjoy. 

Cobh Town was awarded the ‘Best Tourism Experience’ for 2019 and was named one of the 25 most beautiful small towns in Europe by the prestigious travel publisher Condé Nast. It is the only Irish town included in the list, which recommends small towns and villages from across Europe.

Cobh Cathedral, Co Cork_master


Cobh is a popular cruise stop with magnificent liners, frequently berthing during the summer months. Cruise days are special days in Cobh. Our cruise guests always bring out the best in the town, generating a unique atmosphere of fun and relaxation. With added entertainment provided on cruise days, these are often the day’s memories are made of. This charming, colourful, and welcoming seaport on Ireland’s south coast will not disappoint and will undoubtedly surprise passengers with its wealth of activities. Expect a brass band to perform on the quay, ladies dressed in period costumes to wave goodbye, and locals waving white handkerchiefs as a heartfelt farewell as the ships slide away from the quayside. For the current Cruise Ship schedule of visiting Ships into Cobh, please visit the Port of Cork.

There are plenty of reasons to visit the scenic and historic town, and The Titanic Experience is only one of them. Here you find some suggestions for your visit to Cobh. We look forward to seeing you here!



Adjacent to Titanic Experience, this promenade at the water's edge is the favourite place for locals and visitors to relax with stunning views of Cork Harbour. You might even be lucky enough to catch a band recital on a warm sunny day! The promenade also features two old cannons dating back to the mid-late 19th century. The children's playground is just a few minutes walk from the passage. With various jungle gyms, swings and slides, kids will be entertained in this local playground with seated areas for the family.
The Bandstand


The monument in the centre of the town square was designed by Jerome Connor and commemorates the victims of the Lusitania tragedy. The memorial depicts the Angel of peace bowing over two fishermen who helped rescue the victims. The Lusitania was travelling from New York to Liverpool when a German U-Boat torpedoed it just 18km off the coast of Cork on 7th May 1915. Locals raced to the aid of passengers and crew, but 1,198 people died in the sinking of the Cunard Liner despite heroic efforts. Survivors were brought ashore in Cobh and provided with shelter and care by the local community. Many victims were laid to rest in the Old Church Cemetery close to the town.


Cobh Museum looks out over Cork Harbour. Featured exhibitions depict Cobh's and the Great Island's cultural, social, and naval histories. Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, has a rich nautical history and is well-known for its links to emigration. It was also the final port of call for the RMS Titanic. In the Pilot's Logbook, the Museum has the last written record for the RMS Titanic. There is a modest genealogy reference section in the museum where visitors can conduct their family research. Families and groups are welcome to attend.
Cobh Cathedral


Overlooking Cork Harbour, the magnificent St. Colman's Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral located in the heart of Cobh town. The Cathedral took 47 years to build, from 1868 until its completion in 1915. Designed by Edward W. Pugin and George Ashlin, the cathedral was constructed in the beautiful French Neo-Gothic Revival style and stands reigning over the town of Cobh. A visit to the cathedral is a must, with the gothic grandeur of its interior, beautiful carvings, and flowing arches. The cathedral is home to an impressive carillon with 492 bells, the largest of which is 200 feet above the ground and weighs 3.6 tons. The spire is 91 metres (300 ft.) tall. The Cathedral is open 7 days a week, and on a sunny day is well worth a visit to view the beautiful surrounding area of Cobh.


The Titanic Trail offers guided walking tours of Cobh. Cobh (Queenstown) in Co. Cork was the last port of call for the RMS Titanic before it departed from Ireland bound for the United States. Yet, it never arrived at its destination. Many of Cobh’s buildings and piers have not changes since 1912 which are explored on the Titanic Trail guided walking tour.
Titanic Trail
Aerial view of Spike Island


Spike Island has hosted a 6th-century Monastery, a 24-acre Fortress, the world's most significant convict depot in Victorian times, and hundreds of island dwellings during the last 1,300 years. Monks and monasteries, rioters and redcoats, commanders and convicts, sinners and saints have all been part of the island's varied history. Today, the island is dominated by Fort Mitchel, a 200-year-old star-shaped fortress that served as a jail for nearly 2,300 inmates. Enjoy a fully guided tour of the island and fortress and relax in the cafe and picnic spaces by taking the scenic ferry ride from Kennedy Pier, Cobh. Allow yourself to be engrossed in the history and mystery of this enchanting historic island, nominated as one of Europe’s top tourist sites in 2017.


Fota Wildlife Park is located on 100 acres on Fota Island, 10 kilometres east of Cork City, and receives roughly 460,000 people per year. Outside of Leinster, it is Ireland's second most popular tourist destination. Get inspired to appreciate and protect the richness of our natural world. The Park's mission is to increase public awareness of challenges to plant and animal habitats and declining global biodiversity. Enjoy the infrastructure, including a designated Giraffe viewing area, the Madagascan Village and the Asian Sanctuary, which opened in 2015 and features Asian lions, Sumatran tigers, and Indian Rhino.
Fota Wildlife Park
Fota House, Cork


Fota House provides a unique visitor experience. You may immerse yourself in a world of elegance and beauty thanks to its richness of treasures. There's always something going on, from daily house tours to frequent outdoor activities! Fota House began as a simple two-story hunting lodge for the Earls of Barrymore, who were wealthy and influential. During the 1820s, John 'The Magnificent' Smith Barry transformed the house into a magnificent Regency palace. The sumptuous interiors from that time have recently been restored to their former grandeur, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to see the greatest of 18th and 19th-century Irish craftsmanship.


Learn about the Angels Share, Triple Distillation, and, most importantly, the smooth flavour of Jameson Irish Whiskey on a guided journey through the history of Irish whiskey manufacture. The Jameson Experience, Midleton, is a cultural and educational experience set over 15 acres on the banks of the Dungourney River, just 15 minutes from Cobh. Guests will find plenty of free parking, and group bookings are encouraged. The adventure begins with a short film, followed by a tour around the historic distillery grounds, Jameson's complimentary drink, and the opportunity to become a Qualified Irish Whiskey Taster at the Jameson Bar. After your tour, get a bite to eat at the renowned Malthouse Restaurant or take a look around the exclusive Jameson distillery gift shop.
The Jameson Experience


Trabolgan Holiday Village, located in a picturesque and serene setting opposite the coastline in East Cork, delivers wonderful yet stress-free vacations at a fantastic value. It is full of family-friendly activities and amazing outdoor adventures. Take on the complex parts of their spectacular High Ropes course, including balancing on wires, leaping off swinging logs, and epic micro zip wire elements while suspended 17 feet above the ground. Enjoy epic family excursions, discover their brand new nature trail, or simply relax and enjoy the breathtaking views at the freshly opened beach. So sit back, relax, and take advantage of the summer staycation. Trabolgan has something for everyone, regardless of age!